Introducing “unPrepared – Heirs at Risk” by Alan Pratt & Co-Authors

Alan Pratt and Pratt Legacy Advisors are proud to announce the release of a very important project that Alan has been diligently working on for the better part of this last year.  The project is a compilation of 12 authors with a common vision to help families leave a lasting legacy.  All of the authors serve in the Legacy Advising sector in some professional capacity, as Financial Advisors, Trust Attorneys, Advocates, Planners, and more.  Each author operates at a national level and is well known to serve in a values-based context and has a demonstrated heart for helping families leave a long and lasting legacy in a positive, healing, and powerful way.  The book is one more excellent resource for one of Alan’s core messages:

“There is a Plan by Default and there is a Plan By Design.  You get to choose.”

UnPrepared, the book, helps the reader to consider these simple questions:

  • Will your heirs beat the odds?
  • How prepared are they?
  • What are the leading indicators of being prepared?
  • Whose responsibly is it?
  • What is the price of preparation?  The price of failure to prepare?
  • Will you pay the price to prepare your heirs?  Or will you (and they) pay the price for being unprepared?

The book can be found at the Center for Family Conversations and will also be available on

“When the family gets unstuck, the family WILL flourish. This book project was one of the small ways I can give back to ensure the next generation and generations to come will thrive in the future and continue to build a lasting legacy.”  Alan Pratt

To learn more about Legacy Planning and preparing your family to successfully manage their futures, contact Pratt Legacy Advisors to set up an appointment.

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