Client Stories

“Alan Pratt and his group at Pratt Legacy Advisors helped us focus on our future, our desires and our needs. They presented intelligent alternatives to ideas and workable plans for us to consider … plans that fit our comfort level and benefit us. Pratt Legacy Advisors have kept in communication with us which has strengthened our feeling of trust and security with them.”

2nd generation family business owner, late 60’s, 4 adult children, several grandchildren


“Pratt Legacy Advisors spent many hours directing us toward an estate plan which proved to be beneficial to the three generations in our family. Their approach was gentle, informative, and most importantly, sensitive to the needs of each family member.”

Retired physician, early 70’s, wife worked in education field, 4 adult children, 7 grandchildren

“It became more evident that the giving away of a portion of our family wealth to charitable causes was the best way for us to go. Each member of the family was consulted as to which charities should be the recipient of this giving.”

Retired physician, mid 70’s, 4 adult children, 8 grandchildren

“Pratt Legacy Advisors provided the low-key approach with a highly personal touch that guided us through the maze; it was digestible step by step. They listened well and helped us to define our goals.”

Successful entrepreneur, widower, 2nd marriage, late 50’s, 3 children from joined families


“As one who has followed your path of service and value-oriented work, and as one who has found your assistance invaluable in assisting my mother-in-law and our family in our value-oriented estate planning, I want to add my affirmation of belief in your work!”

Entrepreneur, early 60’s, 2 children, helped with widowed mother-in-law (early 80’s) 

“They built our trust by explaining in layman’s’ terms how we could utilize the various trusts and foundations to further our goals.”

Practicing surgeon, late 60’s, entire family in medical profession, 3 children, 2 grandchildren

“They worked with our lawyers and trust officers to wrap up a plan that achieved very meaningful results.”

Retired financial professional, mid 60’s, family foundation established from an inheritance, 2 adult children, 2 grandchildren


“Your firm brought us together on a tough subject – but made us hopeful (confident) that we can make our dreams come true.”

Family business transitioned from 2nd to 3rd generation, owner, female, late 50’s, 3 adult children (2 of which are involved in family business), 2 grandchildren