SPAN Shines Spotlight on Community of Givers

Seattle is the driving market in the nation today.  Historical giants like Boeing, Weyerhauser, and the thriving ports have created significant wealth in our region.  Then came the titans of technology and consumer retail, like Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks. From each of those juggernauts, wonderful individuals emerged with influence, wealth, and the desire to make a difference.  Seattle Philanthopic Advisors Network was an organization founded in 2007 to bring those great minds and hearts together.

The May 2017 article of the Puget Sound Business Journal highlighted the great work that SPAN has done and continues to do.  Alan Pratt, Pratt Legacy Advisor President, was instrumental in the founding of the organization and has been a board member and active contributor ever since.  The PSBJ article is a wonderful acknowledgement for the work that the network does behind the scenes – making Seattle and our greater region (including Bellevue and the East Side) a vibrant, giving economy.

“It is this culture of engagement and caring that makes Seattle special.”  Alan Pratt

To learn more about SPAN, visit the website and participate in the community.  Take a moment and view the original article over at the Puget Sound Business Journal.

SPAN shines light on Seattle’s philanthropic community


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