Our History Defines Our Journey 

Alan Pratt worked in the banking industry from 1975 – 1992. He left banking in 1992 to become an estate planning professional and joined a local firm. He left that firm five years later and founded Family Wealth Advisors in 1997. Alan’s own values were central in establishing what the company would do and how it would service its clients.

pratt_familyFirst, he wanted a family-centered business. Second, he was a community-minded individual and wanted his new business to reflect that virtue. Finally, he observed and believed that the wealthy, those that have abundance, have a desire for stewarding their wealth responsibly.  It was these values that drove the early success of the company.

Since the inception of Family Wealth Advisors, Alan has designed innovative programs to work with families to guide, council and direct them to use their total wealth to demonstrate their care and commitment to their families and communities. His ultimate goal has always been to help clients reduce their tax exposure, improve their lifestyle, and increase their charitable giving.

Alan Pratt believes very strongly in the principles of Legacy Planning from the Heart ™. Alan and his brother Charlie Pratt, along with his parents, Bill and Eileen Pratt, built a family legacy of their own. Alan “walks the talk” by sharing this testimony and the achievements they have made through legacy planning with his own family.

In 2004, Family Wealth Advisors changed its name to Pratt Legacy Advisors to better reflect its clientele and service offerings. With over 29 years of experience in the financial services industry, Alan Pratt exemplifies all that he teaches or recommends to his clients. The team at Pratt Legacy Advisors continues to honor client’s past accomplishments, passions, values, and the hopes they have for themselves and their loved ones.

“I’ve learned how important it is for family members to dialog about legacy planning. Before Bill died, he built an estate plan that was more than just legal documents and financial strategies. Planning with all the generations present helped our family build the confidence, communication and trust we needed after Bill passed away. Yes, there was grieving; but there was a special appreciation that grew from our working together to create the outcomes we all envisioned.”  Alan Pratt 

Are you ready to start your Legacy Planning from the Heart?